THINK Initiative

Sparking proactive European strategies to boost Belt and Road cooperation

THINK Initiative was established to spark and lead the discussion about proactive strategies for the EU and neighbouring regions. We bring to the debate a young, creative, and academic perspective and our goal is to bring together researchers, public, and private actors to develop joint strategies and common responses. 

We work towards increasing information exchange and cooperation of European actors (Europe and neighboring regions) to address challenges and shape Europe. We address the challenges of strategic decision making in Europe by connecting researchers with state and political actors, companies, social and cultural NGOs, journalists and the public at large through a series of round tables, research coalitions building, crowdsourcing analysis and an online social network platform. 



Centre for European Perspective and Euro-Atlantic Council of Slovenia organized “crisis room” discussion titled “Rising Dragon and Euro-Atlantic (Security) Paradigm” on 9 July 2018 at 18:00 at the Stow Café, City Museum of Ljubljana. We discussed a highly intriguing topic – presence and influence of China as a rising power on the power relations within the Euro-Atlantic space.

Zorana Baković, journalist and one of the best European experts on Chinese politics and culture
Dr Uroš Lipušček, journalist and reporter from Beijing

Moderated by: Sabina Carli, Centre for European Perspective/THINK Initiative


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Rising Dragon and Euro-Atlantic (Security) Paradigm

Centre for European Perspective and Euro-Atlantic Council of Slovenia kindly invite you to the “crisis room” discussion titled “Rising Dragon and Euro-Atlantic (Security) Paradigm” on 9 July 2018 at 18:00 at the Stow Café, City Museum of Ljubljana. We will be...


• Exchange information, conduct joint analysis and develop a common situational picture to better understand the Chinese actions in Europe and the neighbouring regions.

• Develop comprehensive strategies for groups of actors in Europe and the neighbouring regions to further their interests when positioning themselves in relation to the Chinese strategy towards the regions.

• Learn from the Chinese approach to inspire actors in Europe and the neighbouring regions to improve their own institutional strategies, and develop joint comprehensive strategies.

• Develop operational projects to implement these strategies.