Klikni tukaj za branje prispevka v slovenskem jeziku. ??


Today, on 9 December 2021, the Peace Operations Training Centre (POTC), in cooperation with the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Slovenia, successfully conducted a third workshop for the design of the course Community and People Centred Approach for future participants of international missions and operations. The workshop was organized in a hybrid format and was attended by representatives of defence policy, civil defence, military, police, international and humanitarian organisations and others.

The aim of the workshop was to learn about the approach and contribution of international organisations to an integrated approach to action in areas of international operations and missions, with an emphasis on action at the level of local communities and populations. In the presentations made, experts from NATO, UN, EU and OSCE presented the legal, strategic, doctrinal and tactical documentary basis for community and populations engagement (coordination and cooperation) in missions in the context of the implementation of various projects and other forms of engagement at the local level. They stressed the importance of building trust with local stakeholders, patience, learning from mistakes, identifying relevant actors working in the same area. At the same time they highlighted the challenge of reaching populations in remote locations and of limited operations in security emergencies and in the context of mission mandates.

Building on the shared experience and knowledge of all participants from all three Community and People Centred Approach workshops conducted in 2021, POTC will develop a high-level course on effective engagement between future participants in international missions or operations and local communities and populations in host countries and pilot it in 2022.