Terms of Reference


CEP is seeking on behalf of the ENTRi project two external consultants for the implementation of the Training Impact Evaluation Mission (TIEM) of ENTRi activities:

  1. TIEM on three Training of Trainers (ToT) courses and a ToT Package
  2. TIEM on two Human Rights (HR) courses

The ENTRi (Europe’s New Training Initiative for Civilian Crisis Management) project aims at better enabling staff in EU, UN, AU and other crisis management and stabilisation-type missions („crisis management missions“) to work in an efficient, effective and sustainable manner in order to achieve their missions’ mandates.”

The value of capacity building of ENTRi training activities depends on what impact it has on missions’ operations. The impact on mission’s operations depends on the change in practice and behaviour of its members following training and mission’s support to motivate the use of such capacity.

Impact evaluation of ENTRi trainings/activities has several key functions:

2.1. Utilization – TIEM provides input which can be used in planning and delivering future ENTRi trainings.

2.2. Accountability – TIEM justifies the financial and other investments in the trainings and ensures continuous involvement of the stakeholders.

2.3. Contribution – TIEM demonstrates there is a strong link between well designed and implemented training and effective personal performance in the civilian crisis management mission.

2.4. Relevance – TIEM increases understanding of the roles and contributions training makes to civilian crisis management.

The Consultant will provide the materials to execute the items and deliverables as described in the Terms of Reference (ToR). The scope of this work includes (a) performing pre-mission activities (incl. refining interview questions), (b) performing surveys/questionnaires/interviews with former ENTRi trainees, possibly their line managers and beneficiaries to gauge training impact, (c) data collection that relates directly to the evaluation questions, and (d) preparation of a final report describing evaluation findings. The work shall be carried out under the supervision and in close consultation and cooperation with the relevant ENTRi partners, members of the Working group on Evaluation, in charge of training impact evaluation functions.

 TIEM Report will include all relevant findings of the evaluation and should be completed and circulated for comments by 10 December 2018. The final report will delivered by the Consultant electronically and open to a review process by the ENTRi mission members. Revision process of the TIEM report and final version should be submitted by 5 January 2019.

The application should consist of an application letter, a Curriculum Vitae and at least one work sample (e.g. evaluation report) and should be sent to ivana.bostjancic-pulko@cep.si by 18 September.

The Consultant shall receive the financial reimbursement of 4.500 EURO in one budget tranche after delivering the final report and after the ENTRi TIEM team accepted the report as completed. The sole responsibility to declare and pay taxes, social security or any other fees to the respective authorities due to this Agreement rests with the Consultant.

ToR Training Impact Evaluation for ToT activities

ToR Training Impact Evaluation for Human Rights courses