Protection of cultural heritage encompasses numerous issues ranging from regular maintenance to natural catastrophes and armed conflicts. Its importance led the EU to add cultural heritage protection to the tasks of the Common Security and Defence Policy missions as it can mean relevant support to the goals of missions, especially if provided for in the mission mandate.

In light of the growing importance of cultural heritage protection in an operational environment, the Centre for European Perspective is organising the pilot edition of the Online Training on Cultural Heritage Protection. The training will take place in the period from the 15th to the 17th of September 2021.

The online lectures, workshops and participatory activities will cover the basic topics and will ensure all participants understand what cultural heritage protection entails, its international legal framework, relevant institutions dealing with protection globally; what the basic instruments and methods for the protection of cultural heritage are and how the EU’s approach looks on the ground.

Photo credit: Rashan Chudasana for Unsplash