From January 8 to 12, POTC facilitated its first training activity of 2024: the Training of Trainers (ToT) in Windhoek, Namibia. The end result was the enhancement of skills of 18 individuals who are or will be engaged in international crisis management, training Namibian national personnel and part of international peace operations. The Peace Operations Training Centre (POTC) organised this training in collaboration with the Namibian International Women Peace Centre (NIWPC) with the support of the European Union Civilian Training Initiative (EUCTI).

Kliknite tukaj za branje članka v slovenskem jeziku.

The ToT provided a platform for participants to delve into the practical application of learning theories, enhancing their ability to conduct impactful training sessions. Over the course, attendees honed their skills in crafting engaging training sessions, engaged in reflective practices to understand their unique training styles, and improved their delivery of course materials.

The POTC team and our trainers extend sincere appreciation for the warm welcome extended by our Namibian hosts and participants. The hospitality we experienced added a unique and enriching dimension to the training, creating an atmosphere conducive to productive learning and collaboration.

The organisers anticipate the success of participants and hope for continued cooperation in various fields, contributing to global peace and security efforts, as well as the development of training options in Namibia by local trainers. POTC believes that the skills and insights gained by the participants will undoubtedly contribute to the enhanced capabilities of Namibian personnel. The organisers look forward to witnessing the positive outcomes of this collaboration, fostering a legacy of cooperation and mutual understanding between Slovenia, the European Union and Namibia.

Pictures from the ToT are available on Flickr: ToT Namibia 2024

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