In the framework of the CEP’s bilateral technical assistance project “Assistance to Montenegro in negotiations on accession to the EU 2017” experts from Slovene Securities Market Agency (ATVP) host their counterparts from Montenegrin Securities and Exchange Commission on a two day study visit.

The participants were welcomed by Miloš Čas, Director of ATVP, who presented the experience of the Agency in the process of adapting and implementing of the EU legislation in the field of financial services. Three experts from the Agency will present different EU directives that regulate the field of financial services to Montenegrin colleague. On Friday, they will visit the management company KD Skladi.

ATVP experts provide their counterparts consultations and exchange of Slovene experience in negotiating Chapter 9 – Financial services in the securities market.

The project is part of the CEP program activities financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the scope of international development cooperation.

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