We invite you to read the recently released BSF 2021 Conference Report with an overview of the events, discussions, and issues tackled at the Bled Strategic Forum 2021 and Young Bled Strategic Forum 2021.


The 16th Bled Strategic Forum (BSF) took place on 1 and 2 September 2021 in Bled, Slovenia. The focus of the two-day event was the future of Europe with a call to increase its resilience to respond more effectively to current and future challenges.

The overarching theme of 2021 Bled Strategic Forum was the Future of Europe, with the panels structured in 4 clusters, showcasing the key areas for the debate – a cluster on the Future of Europe offered an honest and soul-searching debate on where Europe stands at this point and where is it heading, with discussions on the most pressing issues Europe is facing and the importance of a viable enlargement perspective and a process towards it for the Western Balkans to counter a growing influence of third countries in the region.

A cluster with global panels featured discussions on the status of Afghanistan, the rise of China and the changing balance in the world that will significantly affect the future European standing in the world and thus its future. Analysis of the EU’s policies and their effects, strengthening the cohesion and an increased presence in the world were recognised as key challenges. Stronger cooperation with India and Africa were also discussed.

While global developments will in no small measure determine the general direction the EU will head towards in the future, the regional outlook and development will have an even greater impact on the Future of Europe – with discussions in the regional cluster panels addressing the CEE region, the Three Seas Initiative and Eastern Partnership, alongside discussions focused on Europe’s defence, security and stability in the Mediterranean and cooperation in the Adriatic.

The cluster of transformational panels showcased some of the areas, issues and challenges Europe must face to better prepare for the future. Discussions addressed post-epidemic sustainable economic recovery, green and social recovery, future of European tourism, sustainable future growth, digital and transatlantic cooperation, cybersecurity, exploration of space, decarbonisation of transport, climate neutrality and COP26, the importance of strategic communication and communication with citizens, and the fight against disinformation.   


You can find the BSF Conference Report here.