The Centre for European Perspective held the third capacity-building training/conference on countering disinformation in Ljubljana (SI) from 15 to 17 March 2022, bringing together representatives of government, civil society and media from all 6 countries of the Western Balkans.
The conference offered new insights into how humans store and process information, and also presented case studies on disinformation regarding Ukraine and the pandemic in Canada. The participants were acquainted with a best practices approach in treating and countering disinformation (cases of Taiwan and Sweden) and had a training on tools for investigating online misinformation and disinformation. An interactive session was devoted to putting acquired knowledge to practice and came up with a set of concrete solutions/proposals going forward – most importantly for participants’ respective countries, but for the project and future conferences as well.



Project “Strengthening societal resilience and countering foreign perpetrated disinformation in the Western Balkans” is financed by the National Endowment for Democracy and Slovenian Development Aid fund (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia).