Ernest Petrič

Zunanja politika – Osnove teorije in praksa (Foreign Policy – Basic Theory and Practice)

2010 / 509 pages / ISBN 978-961-92839-2-9

Price: 45 €

“The book by Dr. Ernest Petrič on the theory and practice of foreign policy is a fitting opener to a new series in the collection Studia diplomatic Slovenica dedicated to monographs on international relations. It is the first work by a Slovenian author dealing systematically in monograph form with the dilemmas of foreign policy as a science. What gives Dr. Petrič an important edge is not only his painstaking theoretical analysis but also his extensive diplomatic experience. Starting his career in the former common state, he has capped it with key positions in Slovenia’s diplomatic network since independence, making his views on contemporary diplomatic practice invaluable.

This extensive work, which has been divided into five sections, presents both the author’s broader understanding of the theory behind international relations and foreign policy as well as an analysis of cases of actual conduct in the international community, primarily that concerning the policies of “small and new states” such as the Republic of Slovenia. In his examination of this science, Dr. Petrič tackles with utmost precision definitions of numerous basic concepts of foreign policy, making this book particularly useful for the growing number of students of international relations in Slovenia. Fittingly, the author is currently active as a lecturer at three of the four faculties teaching the subject in Slovenia at the time of writing.