Between 14 and 16 March, the members of the EUPCST Evaluation Committee, chaired by the Centre for European Perspective (CEP), met in Lisbon, Portugal.  Meeting was held at the premises of the National Republican Guard (GNR), national gendarmerie of Portugal.

The main goal of the Evaluation Committee was to gather abundant experience of the GNR in evaluating Comprehensive Live Exercises (CLEs). These exercises intend to build the capacity of police and gendarmerie officers and units who will be fulfilling their roles in international missions. As EUPCST includes the civilian perspective as well, one of the open questions of the meeting was also to find ways to incorporate and integrate civilian and police aspects into one exercise.

Conducting and evaluating such complex exercises that include a big number of participants is both rewarding and challenging. Organizers have an important job of creating intense, realistic and inclusive exercise scenarios, evaluators on the other hand need to be always omnipresent. But the gained knowledge and broad implications for other projects in the fields of peacebuilding, capacity building and civilian crisis management are invaluable.


Covid-19 restrictions limited the scope of EUPCST activities in the previous two years, but the partners are picking up the pace and finishing strong. As the project is nearing its end, there are 26 activities still planned for 2022.

CEP will among other activities continue its important work chairing the Evaluation Committee and will organize a Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) in September. We are already looking forward to learning new skills, broaden our network even more and share our knowledge.