Between 30 March and 1 April 2022 CEP will conduct the second module of the Digital Communications in Civilian Crisis Management training within the scope of the EU Civilian Training Initiative (EUCTI). The module will be carried out in a residential format in Georgia. It is designed for the communication experts working in EU Monitoring Mission in Georgia (EUMM Georgia), but also in other international organizations working in the field.

CEP has already delivered the first module of the training in November 2021 in an online format due to the Covid-19 restrictions. According to the participants and trainers, it was a great success. The 3-day long second module, finally happening in person, will strengthen the participants’ already gained knowledge and skills and strive to put them into practice.

Lead experts and practitioners in the field of (digital) communication will among other topics talk about the importance of infographics, visual storytelling, and information verification. There will of course be time for a rhetoric session as well. All this nowadays invaluable knowledge will be tested throughout the training course while participants can also look forward to the grand finale – a simulation exercise.

(Digital) communication, especially in the civilian crisis management environment, can significantly increase credibility, transparency, public support, and trust in the mission. Consequently, this leads to a higher rate of successfully achieved mission mandates.

CEP is proud to be able to contribute to and support the EUCTI project by delivering tailor-made training based on the needs of in-mission personnel.