Centre for European Perspective is between 18th and 22nd of February 2019 evaluating fourth “Mentoring, Monitoring & Advising (MMA)” course, held in Vicenza, Italy.  Evaluations are held in order to improve the course agenda and overall development of the project. Participants will through the course of five days focus on EU diplomatic security/crisis management; general aspects and phases of Mentoring, Monitoring and Advising; designing and planning interventions for capacity building: project management methodologies; Communication in a cross-cultural context; negotiation skills; Coping with resistance & identifying viable approaches to capacity building; working with interpreters; Handover & Reporting.

LET4CAP is a project funded by the EU within the framework of the Internal Security Fund with the objective to foster a process of harmonization of training for Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) to perform capacity building tasks in third countries and to create a common Law Enforcement capacity building culture founded on EU fundamental values.

The Project is implemented by a consortium that includes two law enforcement agencies (the Center of Excellence for Stability Police Units of the Italian Carabinieri and the Polish Police), two centers of excellence in research and training, namely the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies (Italy) and the Centre for European Perspective (Slovenia) and one Italian governmental agency specialised in project management of EU funds (Studiare Sviluppo).

The training programme is based upon a preliminary desk research, good practices and lessons learnt in the field of the existing law enforcement capacity building. All training materials will be consolidated after the last training courses in e-learning tools disseminated via institutional channels and the project website.

More info on the project is available at: http://www.let4cap.eu/

LET4CAP: Fourth MMA Training Course