Centre for European Perspective and Folke Bernadotte Academy are within the framework of Europe’s New Training Initiative for Civilian Crisis Management (ENTRi) organizing a Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) at the Police Training Centre Gotenica between 19 and 23 October. Training is organized in close cooperation with Slovenian Police and Slovenian Armed Forces.

Crisis management mission’s representatives or other personnel travelling and working in highly volatile environments around the world are exposed to variety of risks and occupational hazards when performing their duties. All large international organizations, be it the UN, the OSCE or the EU as well as non-governmental organizations or researchers face a common challenge in the field: the safety and security of their representatives. It is therefore of great importance to implement a specific training, which focuses on variety of security risks as well as challenges of these environments. Equipping civilian personnel with the basic awareness tools on how to deal with them is part of the duty of care of both sending Organizations and recruiting States. Training curriculum of the HEAT training therefore provides a comprehensive coverage of the relevant issues and is complemented with real-life simulations confronting key issues of such environments.

19 representatives of various international organizations and of 14 different nationalities will attend the training, which is largely composed of field exercises. Four days will be dedicated to their safety and security preparedness, which will be tested in an all-day complex field training exercise on the last day.