Kliknite tukaj za branje prispevka v slovenskem jeziku

This Wednesday, February 22nd, Jable Castle was visited by military attachés accredited to or working in Slovenia. The visit was organised by the Defence Policy Directorate of the Ministry of Defence.

Nina Čepon, CEP Acting Executive Director, and Markko Kallonnen, EUCTI Project Coordinator, both presented the work of POTC, EUCTI and CEP in a productive and insightful visit of military attachés. They mentioned both the activities of CEP as a whole as well as the civilian crisis management sectors, concretely EUCTI and POTC. The presentations concluded with a fruitful Q&A session where questions were answered, and opinions were shared.

At the end of the presentations, Colonel Mitja Miklavec of the Bilateral and Multilateral Affairs Division of the Defence Policy Directorate from the Slovenian MOD gave some concluding remarks, thanked the hosts, and highlighted the refreshing work that POTC is doing, combining the visions of the three ministries. He also shared his thought that »POTC is linking us together for future activities« in the sense that attaché networking benefits all partner countries moving forward.

The visit formally concluded with a networking coffee break.


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