Support to Macedonia in accession to the EU in the Chapter 24 – financial investigations

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In a two-year project of the Official Development Cooperation Programme of the Republic of Slovenia we will further strengthen capacities of Macedonia to fight organised and serious crime and corruption.

Since the main motive of perpetrators of organised crime as well as means for their functioning, is to gain proceeds, one of the main responsibilities of Macedonian law enforcement in the accession to the EU is to strengthen capacities for financial investigation, confiscation, temporary insurance and seizure of the proceeds from crime and property of illegal origin, already in the pre-trial phase. In this way the accused has less manoeuvre space for affecting witnesses and eventual bribery of judges and proceeds from crime can no longer be used in future for the preparation or conduct of criminal acts.

The exchange of experience in financial investigations is implemented through 3 workshops, individual coaching and the development of training programme with selected cases from Slovenian practice. The project is conducted in the cooperation with the Ministry of Interior/Police, Specialised State Prosecutor’s Office and Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia.

We are contributing to every aspect of project Implementation, especially by:

– Coordination the input from the beneficiaries to develop exchanges of experiences tailored to their needs and profiles;
– Examination of training and organisational change management methodologies and tools and use them to create interactive and hands-on workshops;
– (In the development of the content), assistance in extracting relevant experiences of Slovenian practitioners;
– Run brainstorming to select and analyse cases and transfer findings into workshops’ programme, coordinate contributions of Slovenian peers and pack them into distinctive;
– Guide the design of the agenda and programme’s conditions to stimulate discussions and involvement of all workshops participants;
– Assist in ensuring for beneficiary ownership of the project results, its sustainability, visibility and human rights-based approach.


Strengthening development cooperation of the State Prosecutor Generals of Slovenia and Macedonia

On 5 – 6 April 2018 we paid a visit to the State Prosecutor General of the Republic of Macedonia Mr Ljubomir Joveski under the framework of Slovenia’s Development Cooperation. From Slovenia, working visit was attended by Mr Drago Šketa, the State Prosecutor General of...
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ANNOUNCEMENT: Meeting of the State Prosecutor Generals of Slovenia and Macedonia in the Framework of Development Cooperation

In the framework of Slovenia’s Development Cooperation with the Republic of Macedonia and the project “Support to Macedonia in accession to the EU in the Chapter 24 – financial investigations” a meeting with the State Prosecutor General of the Republic of Macedonia Mr...
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Slovenia’s support discussed with Minister of Interior of the Republic of Macedonia Spasovski

On the margins of the International Development Cooperation of the Republic of Slovenia within the framework of support to the Republic of Macedonia, on 29 June 2017 the Minister of Interior of the Republic of Macedonia Oliver Spasovski received a Slovenian delegation...
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Successful exchange of experiences of Macedonia and Slovenia in financial investigations

In the period from 26 to 29 June 2017, the first phase of the capacity building process in the field of financial investigations and confiscation of unlawful proceeds and property of unlawful origin took place in Macedonia. The two-day workshop was attended by 15...
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Macedonia supported by Slovenia in financial investigations

Macedonia will receive support for the accession to the EU in the Chapter 24 in the framework of the programme of Slovenia’s Development Cooperation and the focus of this support will in next two years (2017-2018) be to build capacities in the area of financial...
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Slovenian development assistance for Macedonia for more success in investigation of corruption cases

In the year 2016 Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the Slovenian International Development Cooperation Fund finances a project for Macedonia, which aims at building capacity for successful investigation of corruption cases. The project is implemented in cooperation...
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