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Centre for European Perspective has together with Center for Communication, Hearing and Speech, Portorož, Institute for Promotion of Education from Kosovo and ALB – AID Kukes, Albania, organized a three day training titled “Learning Compass – teacher training for work with children with disabilities”. Training started with an INFO Day in Prishtina on 4th of September 2019, where an informative session for stakeholders was held. Info day was attended by 20 participants coming from different stakeholder institutions, namely Ministry of Education Albania with its responsible directorates, local education offices from Kosovo and Albania, ALB- AID Kukes, Directorate of education from Municipality of Ferizaj, Directorate of education from Municipality of Skenderaj, Local education office Skenderaj, Directorate of education from Municipality of Mitrivica, Institute of Promotion of Education IPEDU, Directorate of education from Municipality of Shtime and Local education office Shtime.

Participants at info day were greeted by Ms Meliha Muherina, Project Manager who introduced CEP, H.E. Ambassador Bojan Bertoncelj Veleposlaništvo Slovenije v Prištini / Embassy of Slovenia in Pristina, who gave an overview of Slovenia’s work in Kosovo and Western Balkans, Mr. Marko Strle, Head Master of Center for Communication, Hearing and Speech Portorož, as well as Dr Anica Mikuš Koš from Slovenska filantropija, who are experts in the project. Word was then given to local participants who gave feedback on the project as well as an overview of state of work with children with disabilities in practice.

On next day 60 participants from Kosovo and Albania traveled to Durresh, Albania, for the 3-day training. We were pleased to welcome representative from Embassy of Slovenia in Tirana Ms Milena Radenković, Deputy Head of Mission as an opening speaker. Training then started with a lecture by Dr Anica Mikuš Kos, Slovenska filantropija who gave as an overview on Failure in school and its impact on children. Over three days following topics were discussed: Specific learning difficulties and their psychosocial accompaniments; Hyperactivity & Attention Disorders (ADHD); Activating resources for helping children with school disabilities; The origins and role of conflict in the psychosocial development of children and adolescents; Strategies for resolving conflict situations in school, within the moral, social and personal fields; Respectful communication at school; Including family members in schools; Problem-based learning as a starting point for collaborative learning; Adaptations of learning and teaching in educational work with children with special needs; Identifying and addressing anxiety in learning.

Short info about the project:

In the countries of the Western Balkans, the knowledge of experts and especially teachers for children with special needs (also considering ways of pedagogical work with them) is still very lacking. On the other hand, Slovenia has a great deal of knowledge and practical experience in this field. The similarity of school systems, the historical and geographical connection and the linguistic proximity of most Western Balkan countries facilitates the transfer of knowledge and experience from Slovenia to other countries involved in the proposed project. The project will provide Slovenian knowledge and experience in the field of education and assistance to children with special needs in the Western Balkan countries.

The project that will be implemented in two years and will take place in four countries shall:

  • Contribute to improving the situation of children with special needs in primary education;
  • Contribute to the development of the school systems of the countries involved;
  • Strengthen links and cooperation between teaching staff and educational institutions (involved in the project) of the Western Balkan countries and contributed to the peaceful coexistence in the region.

The project will educate 20 experts in each country (special educators, educators, school counselors) from the countries involved:

  • to work with children with disabilities within school systems;
  • to disseminate basic knowledge about children with special needs among primary school teachers;
  • to implement acquired knowledge of helping professionals with special needs work and to educate primary school teachers about the needs and approaches of children with disabilities.

Within the framework of the project, a publication will also be prepared, which will analyze the situation in the target countries and, based on the workshops carried out, the analysis of primary and secondary sources and Slovenian experience, present concrete proposals for improving the situation of working with children with special needs in primary schools.

The project is financed from the funds for international development cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia.




Learning Compass – teacher training for work with children with disabilities concluded