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From 29 August to 4 September 2022 a third field visit took place in Serbia in support of the new patrol management system, which enables border, general, and traffic police units to work more easily, efficiently, and, above all, more safely in the field.

In the establishment, development, and deployment of an effective patrol management system, the Serbian police are cooperating with the Slovenian police within the framework of Slovenia’s international development assistance since 2019. So far, 10 of the 27 police directorates have joined the system, and 4 more are expected to join shortly.

This field visit was carried out in 25 Serbian Police units in the areas of police directorates: Vranje, Leskovac, Novi Pazar, Kragujevac, Jagodina, Užice, Šabac, Pančevo, Smederevo in Sremska Mitrovica. It provided an overview of the use and operation of the system, as well as on-site consultancy for existing users and preparation for the introduction of the system to the new users.

The findings of the field visit are very encouraging, as the units that manage patrols under the new system expressed satisfaction and confirmed that their work is more efficient. Work organization is more effortless and responsiveness to tasks faster, and police officers in the field feel safer. Due to the lack of personnel, as well as other resource constraints, which, unfortunately, the Serbian police face, as we do, they are being allocated more rationally and efficiently. Coordination between units belonging to different police directorates has also been improved and facilitated which also enables a more effective fight against organized crime and illegal migration.

The purpose of the field visit was, among other things, to detect and identify possible deficiencies and errors in the application, remedy them, and exchange views on the possibilities for complementing and upgrading the IT solution.

The positive experience of the new patrol management system has already reached the organizational units of the police directorates that are not yet part of it, and they were eager to hear first-hand information.

During the field visit, prospective users had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the IT solution, see a demonstration of operation and see for themselves the benefits of coordinated working between organizational units.

By the end of the year, 14 police administrations of the Republic of Serbia are expected to be integrated into the new patrol management system.

With Slovenian development assistance, the capabilities of managing patrols in Serbia and the efficiency of the Serbian police as a whole are undoubtedly being strengthened, in accordance with the standards that also apply in the EU.



The project is part of the program activities of international development cooperation, financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia and implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior and the Police of the Republic of Slovenia.



Further information:

Andreja Dolničar Jeraj

Programme Director

Centre for European Perspective