Centre for European Perspective (CEP) is one of the 15 consortium members led by Italian ARSProgetti SPA providing experts for different services requested by the European Commission under the framework contract SIEA 2018. SIEA 2018 ’Services for the implementation of external aid 2018’ is one of the main on-going framework contracts in total value of 650 million euros. Frameworks contracts are put in place by EuropeAid Cooperation Office to facilitate the implementation of the external aid through the fast recruiting of expertise in several fields, and may cover any geographical area in the world. The framework contract consists of 6 Lots covering different areas: Lot – 1 Sustainable management of natural resources and resilience, Lot 2 – Infrastructure, sustainable growth and jobs, Lot 3 – Human Rights, Democracy and Peace, Lot 4 – Human Development and safety net, Lot 5 – Budget Support and Lot 6 – Innovative financing for Development. The consortium led by ARSProgetti SPA with its experts will compete with 9 other consortium that are part of Lot 3.

More info on https://ec.europa.eu/europeaid/funding/fwc-siea-2018_en.