Today, we concluded consultations with the Serbian Ministry of Interior, with the successful collaboration of the Police Directorate of Serbia, the Information and Communication Technology Service (SIKT), the Slovenian Police, the Embassy of Slovenia in Serbia, and CEP as the facilitator of the discussions. Together, we defined a confirmed major step that will lead to the successful conclusion of Project Phase III. According to a detailed plan, the technical implementation of a revised system for patrol management will continue. By the end of 2024, two new police directorates in Serbia will be included in the pilot project.

Discussions showed that the transfer of best practices from Slovenia through the Slovenian Police is of great importance. However, it is also crucial that our partnership enables the adaptation of Slovenian good practices to the requirements and specifics of the Serbian landscape. Our trusted partner, ZZI, makes a significant contribution in this respect.

The patrol management system is a crucial tool that will enable our Serbian partners to facilitate efficient field operations, enhance the safety of civilians and police officers, and rationalize work processes. The system’s importance was further solidified during the recent visit to Slovenia in May 2024.

Activities are part of Slovenian development cooperation, financed by the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs and implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior of Slovenia and the Slovenian police.