On the 30th of November, the last training of 2023, the Disruptive Military Practices & Technologies Training, was held at POTC’s home base – Jable Castle, for a group of dedicated participants, mainly coming from the Slovenian Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defence.

Kliknite tukaj za branje članka v slovenskem jeziku.

The aim of the training was to address the emergence of new technologies and practices in the security and defence field, which have the potential to disrupt. More concretely, the sessions focused on the following subjects:

  1. Space Weather: insights into the influence of space weather on critical infrastructure;
  2. Space Technologies and their Applications: the latest developments in space technologies and their practical applications in the defence sector;
  3. EU Technological Sovereignty: addressing the crucial topic of maintaining technological sovereignty within the European Union;
  4. The Disruptive Potential of AI in the Field of Security: understanding the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence and its impact on national and international security.

The participants of the training had the chance to hear about and discuss important topics with leading lecturers whose insights were invaluable. The training was not short on new and emerging concepts and terms such as digital twins, rare earth mineral dependence, space storms, satellite flood mapping, failure prediction and information warfare.

With this, POTC’s training activities for 2023 have been concluded. We are more than pleased to have facilitated a wide array of training activities this year and are excited about what is coming in 2024.

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