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The Serbian police are integrating more and more of their police directorates into the new patrol management system to improve the safety of people and police officers and to provide the best possible service to the citizens. It is a system that pays particular attention to strengthening its role in saving lives. The capacity of patrol management in Serbia is increasing with the expansion of the system, bringing its functioning closer to EU standards. Currently, 14 out of 27 police directorates in the Republic of Serbia are already included in the system. Organizational units of the Border Police Directorate of the Republic of Serbia on these territories are also already part of the system. In developing and implementing the patrol management system, the Serbian Police are working with the Slovenian Police, which provides support through the international development assistance of the Republic of Slovenia.

Thus, the second workshop this year was held in Serbia from 26 to 29 September 2022 for the integration of 4 additional police directorates into the patrol management system. The workshops were organized for senior representatives of police directorates and organizational units of police directorates in the areas of Kragujevac, Leskovac, Smederevo, and Jagodina. Representatives of the Border Police Administration also participated in the workshops.

During the workshops, a Slovenian-Serbian mixed team of experts presented the management of patrols under the new system, shared experiences on its use and benefits with future users, and assisted in practical training.

Future users have recognized the benefits of the patrol management system: easier and more transparent organization of work, more effective communication, and more effective responsiveness to people’s needs. They particularly stressed the security aspect of police officers in the field, who put their lives and health at risk daily in the interest of public peace and order. The new patrol management system provides them with reliable communication and faster and more comprehensive information for their work in the field so that they can react optimally and appropriately to calls and incidents and help each other more effectively in situations where they are exposed to increased threats.

The Republic of Slovenia, through international development assistance, represents an important partner in strengthening patrol management capacity in Serbia. In addition to being based on Slovenian expertise, the system also provides adequate guidance for progress towards EU security standards. With efforts to improve security in Serbia, the Serbian police are also contributing to greater security beyond its borders.



The project is part of the program activities of international development cooperation, financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia and implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior and the Police of the Republic of Slovenia.



Further information:

Andreja Dolničar Jeraj

Programme Director

Centre for European Perspective