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Strengthening the field of financial investigations is one of the goals, but also one of the latest recommendations of the European Commission, which North Macedonia has recently been successfully pursuing with Slovenia’s international development assistance.

Following the adoption of the National Strategy for Financial Investigations in July 2021, the competent authorities involved in financial investigations are now paying intensive attention to the procedurals for the implementation of the Common Guidelines for Financial Investigations. In doing so they rely primarily on the Slovenian experience.

As part of such cooperation, consultations for the competent Macedonian authorities and exchange of experience on the implementation of financial investigation procedures took place on 28 and 29 March 2022 in North Macedonia. The consultation was attended by representatives from the Ministry of the Interior, Customs Administration, Financial Police Office and the State Prosecutor’s Office who are directly involved in standard procedures for financial investigation.

The results of the consultation contribute to the capacity of North Macedonia for financial investigations and confiscation of proceeds of crime, in particular the property of the perpetrators, for which they cannot prove that it originates from legal sources. The proceeds of crime will be frozen and confiscated in North Macedonia in the next period in the investigating and prosecuting authorities proceedings to an even greater extent and dedicated to the rule of law and to improve the quality of public services in North Macedonia.

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The project is part of the program activities of international development cooperation, financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia and implemented in cooperation with the State Prosecution, Financial Administration, Ministry of the Interior and the Police of the Republic of Slovenia.


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Andreja Dolničar Jeraj

Programme Director

Centre for European Perspective