Centre for European Perspective has been a member of the European and Security Colleague (ESDC) for several years but has only this week attended its first Executive Academic Board. It took place on Tuesday, 12 September and brought together members of over 70 training institutions. They discussed several important documents, including Academic Programme 2023-2024, received updates on recent activities and events of the ESDC, learned about the European Doctoral School and had an open discussion on the need for the EU Climate Security and Defence Training platform that CEP is also an active member of. As several training institutions were present residentially in Brussels, it gave the CEP director a chance to talk to stakeholders who are highly relevant to CEP’s activities in the field of civilian crisis management.

The next day brought a new meeting in a new format as Nina Cepon and Jelka Klemenc visited the Council of the European Union, Committee on Civilian Aspects of the Missions and Operations (CIVCOM), where they got an opportunity to present activities of the EU Civilian Training Initiative (EUCTI) as well as the developing action proposal, which is planned to start next spring.


CEP has been an active partner of the European Training Community since 2008 and proudly took over a coordination role 2.5 years ago. As the EUCTI project is delivering planned outputs – useful need-based and tailor-made training courses in CSDP mission areas – consultations with the European Commission, CPCC and EEAS designed quite a concrete framework for the new training project. The new consortium will include not only civilian but also police and gendarmerie forces that are jointly aiming at well-prepared experts working in international operations and missions. Several have been sitting jointly around the table, discussing how to cooperate and coordinate better, how to share and pool resources, how to prioritise diverse needs and how to facilitate the EU to play the role of a global actor it aspires to.

Under the auspices of the ESDC, CEP (and in its capacity the Peace Operations Training Centre – POTC) is organising a Comprehensive Protection of Civilians training in Brussels at the beginning of October and planning to deliver Gender Equality and Gender Mainstreaming in Peace Operations and Missions training in April next year.