Peace Operations Training Centre (POTC), in cooperation with the Security Planning Division of the Security, Property Management and Logistics Service, is organising a pilot Personal Security Training for diplomatic staff. The training will take place on Wednesday, the 29th of May 2024, at Jable Castle.

The pilot Personal Security Training is intended for all professional diplomats deployed by the Republic of Slovenia in countries with a low security risk and with no prior knowledge of personal security.

Upon successful completion of the training, participants will be able to identify various security threats, understand the basics of security procedures and protocols in the diplomatic missions, know the basics of dealing with changing security situations in the diplomatic mission and en route, identify surveillance activities, apply measures to reduce security risks, and apply measures and methods to reduce stress in high-stress situations.

Registration is compulsory. Register HERE no later than May 19, 2024.

You can find all further information about the training HERE.

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