POTC to organise Training on the Dangers of Trafficking in Human Beings in the Context of International Peacekeeping Missions and Operations, in cooperation with the Slovenian Ministry of the Interior

On 13 September 2023, an important training. will be held at Jable Castle in Mengeš for Ministry of Defence and Slovenian Armed Forces personnel on the dangers of trafficking in human beings in the context of international peacekeeping operations and missions prior to their departure for such operations.

The issue of trafficking in human beings is complex and requires a joined-up approach at national, regional and international level. In order to tackle this problem successfully, it is essential that military and civilian personnel are adequately trained.

In this context, the Inter-Ministerial Task Force against Trafficking in Human Beings (MDS TZL) has been working for many years to provide regular training for trafficking professionals, including police, prosecutors, social work centres, consular and diplomatic staff, and labour inspectors. However, a new initiative has been taken for 2023-2024, which also includes military personnel.

The aim of the training is to provide participants with up-to-date information on the fight against trafficking in human beings and to raise their awareness of their duties when it comes to the detection of such crimes. In addition, the focus will be on reducing the demand for services and goods provided by victims of trafficking in human beings.

This training is in line with NATO’s anti-trafficking policy, which also includes awareness raising and training in this important area.

The organisers look forward to presenting the content of this key training as it will contribute to the prevention of trafficking in human beings and the security of international operations and missions.