In the period 2019-2020 we continue the work which started in the last two years with Slovenian development support in the area of capacity building of North Macedonia for the implementation of financial investigations and confiscation of proceeds of crime and property of illegal origin.

In addition to fulfilling criteria for the EU membership, this is an important area for prevention of organised crime and functioning of role of law which constitute favorable business environment for economic development and foreign investments. With confiscations we prevent perpetrators of criminal offences to continue its criminal activities and offer a clear message that crime does not pay off.

Talks with North Macedonia stakeholders were conducted in Skopje between 25 and 27 February 2019 about details of activities to be implemented in the period 2019-2020 for improvements of the system of financial investigations.

The project is part of the program activities carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Slovenia / Police of the Republic of Slovenia and is financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia from the funds for international development cooperation.


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