A training course “Training of the Trainers – From Listener to Successful Trainer” took place in Durres, Albania from 3 to 6 December 2018 as part of the CEP development project “Support to Albanian LGU on Preparation of the EU and Other International Projects”. Following a series of trainings, it served to transfer the skills and knowledge, gained from the trainings conducted in the previous years.

At the Training Opening, CEP Secretary General Mr Andrej Vrčon, BCCD Executive Director Ms Elvana Zhezha and Deputy Head of Mission at the Slovenian Embassy in Albania Ms Milena Radenković greeted the participants. Over 20 participants got acquainted with the AT-AP technique, characteristics of successful training, needs-based trainings, Kolb’s cycle of experiential learning and tell-tell-tell method on the first day of the training. They also looked into effective communication and skills of a good public speaker.

Second day was oriented to practice the skills acquired and allowed the participants to draft, create and propose their own project ideas that would be eligible for EU or other international funding and train their skills of presenting such projects in an effective way, while also learning how to train their colleagues and co-workers to do the same. On the third day trainers also involved participants into a session where they recorded their performances on a camera in order to learn how to deliver effective feedback to the videos. The fourth day of the training concluded with evaluation, future planning session and an address and concluding ceremony with Ambassador Stančič, Slovenian Ambassador to Albania.

The project “Support to Albanian LGU on Preparation of the EU and Other International Projects” focuses on the transfer of good practices from Slovenia in the field of strategic programming on the national level and implementation of the projects on the local level. It is based on a number of workshops, through which Slovenian experts offer training in project management to the representatives of Albanian municipalities, regional development agencies and representatives of various non-governmental organizations.

The execution of the project is done in cooperation with the BCCD – Balkan Center for Cooperation and Development.

The training is organised within the framework of the Centre for European Perspective project “Support to Albanian LGU on Preparation of the EU and Other International Projects” supported by the Slovenia’s Development Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia.

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Train the Trainer: From Listener to Successful Trainer