Mentees from Bucha, representatives of the Municipality of Kočevje and CEP have kicked off the three-week mentorship under the auspices of the project ‘Post-conflict reconstruction in Ukraine’ in Kočevje today.

The mentorship visit, taking place between 17 and 31 January, is the continuation of the visit of Bucha Urban Hromada representatives in October 2023 and means the development of the cooperation formalised by signing the cooperation agreement on 2 October. The visit to Kočevje, hosted by the Municipality of Kočevje, was opened by CEP Senior Advisor Ms Jelka Klemenc and Kočevje Mayor Dr Vladimir Prebilič, who presented the work of Kočevje to Bucha representatives and wished that the representative use the time in Kočevje to gain as much knowledge as possible to implement in Bucha. An intensive three-week working programme was prepared to contribute to transferring targeted and needs-based knowledge and deliver sustainable results, working toward a long-term partnership between the municipalities.

The opening session was followed by the first interactive workshop on project management, development strategy preparation, and fund absorption, one of the main topics of the mentorship that will contribute to strengthening Bucha’s institutional capacities. Joining us from Bucha are Ms Tetiana Lipinska, Head of the Department of Economic Development and Investments of Bucha City Council and Mr Andrii Melnyk, Project Manager from the Department of Economic Development and Investments of Bucha City Council, who will receive knowledge of Kočevje’s experience and good practice on business development, investor attraction and development of business incubator. With the assistance of CEP, the visit will work on kick-starting the development of strategy, focusing on establishing a business-friendly environment, culminating in the development of Bucha Techno Garden.

With a rich side programme, Kočevje will also present its business environment, successfully implemented projects and more.


The ‘Post-conflict reconstruction in Ukraine’ project is funded by the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs through the Slovenian Aid and Partnerships and implemented in partnership with ‘U-LEAD with Europe’. U-LEAD with Europe programme is a partnership of the Ukrainian government and the European Union, and its member states Germany, Sweden, Poland and Slovenia to support the establishment of multi-level governance that is transparent, accountable and responsive to the needs of the population of Ukraine.