Let4Cap – Law Enforcement Training for Capacity Building

“Contributing towards a more consistent and efficient assistance in law enforcement capacity building to third countries.”

Overall objective of the project is to contribute to a more consistent and efficient assistance in law enforcement capacity building towards third countries, which will be achieved through harmonization of a training package for Law Enforcement Organisations and with the development of a common, law enforcement capacity building culture. Project is coordinated by Carabinieri – Italy and consists of the Centre for European Perspective (CEP), Polish National Police HQs (POLICJA) – Poland, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna (SSSA) – Italy and Studiare Sviluppo (STSV) – Italy.

LET4CAP will develop a training package for Law Enforcement Officers aiming at:

• Building skills related to managing complex situations within pluralistic cultures and deeply divided societies;

• Building a specific set of skills to transfer the participants knowledge to their national counterparts to ensure sustainability;

• Strengthening linguistic and communication abilities necessary to operate in international environments and within different cultural/social contexts;

• Providing a solid knowledge base on European good practices and values.

As a result of training courses organized and tools developed, LEOs personnel will:

• Comprehensively understand their capacity building role and function on how to best use their position to contribute towards fulfilling of mission mandate (increased efficiency)

• Display a high standard of skills in their relevant functional areas grounded on a common law enforcement capacity building culture founded on EU fundamental values, which are crucial to assisting and supporting local partners in host countries (increased consistency)

LET4CAP is organized in four main components:

• Stocktaking of existing good practices and lessons

• Development of the training course curriculum

• Piloting Training implementation

• Other dissemination & outreach activities.

CEP will elaborate an evaluation plan, tailored to the goals and context of this project, providing guidelines for the evaluation of cooperation, project products, efficacy and impact on target groups, end beneficiaries and stakeholders, and define quality criteria for the success of the project.


Law Enforcement Training for Capacity Building project

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Kickoff meeting of LET4CAP project

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